Meet Lacie

A little about me, I’m Lacie. A mother and a wife. I am lead photographer of Southern Lens Photography. I get REALLY excited about what I do and can sometimes stumble over my words when I try to express that excitement. I truly enjoy capturing happy moments in someone’s life. We will basically be best friends before your wedding is over because that’s just how much you’ll enjoy your experience! My favorite numbers are 923 and 23. They’ve always been lucky signs I see all the time and it’s coincidentally my birthday . I love anything to do with llamas, plants and black leather jackets! Our favorite show to watch is The office AND we like Parks and Rec!

20190427-Southern Lens Photography- Savannah Wedding Photographer-Screven and Caroline-2019181.jpg

20190427-Southern Lens Photography- Savannah Wedding Photographer-Screven and Caroline-201974.jpg

Meet Cameron

Cameron is not only my husband but my second photographer for weddings and assistant to my other photo shoots when I need him. He is also a wedding videographer and lead for Dual Mode Productions! He’s really into movies and the way it’s filmed. He’s very creative himself and you can mostly catch him building a new project in the garage when he has the time in between working as a full time landscaper in Savannah. He’s a jack of all trades! (I got lucky!) 

It’s such an amazing thing to be able to have my husband by my side and enjoy this business just as much as me. We root and cheer each other on and bounce ideas off of each other during shoots. There’s nothing better than working with your best friend.