Wedding Planning

A wedding is the day that every little girl dreams about. She has it all planned out to every specific detail from the color of the groom's tie, the style of her hair that day, and even down to the font choice of the invitations. Did you know, wedding planning doesn't have to be stressful?! When my couples book with me, I have on hand their own personal wedding planner book! It helps take the stress off of them trying to recall where they wrote down the DJ's information, or the pick up date for the tuxes. 

I'm not just a photographer on your big day. I'm your friend. I can be your moment of peace when you can't collect your thoughts. I'm there to help guide you and your bridal party through that wonderful whirlwind of the day and capture the memories that may slip past you as you indulge in each other's happiness. That way you have a long lasting piece of your wedding day to look back on!

Lacie Wiggins