Happy Wednesday!!  

We have all made it halfway through this week and a what a week it has been so far. 

Most business owners at one point or another find themselves overwhelmed, defeated, and where they feel like giving up. I was at that point yesterday. I was talking to my mom yesterday ( as we all do when one little ant hill of a thing inconveniences us lol) about how I just give up. I was tired of “my plan” not working and not having the results I want. At this day and age we like for things to happen the second we have a thought. We get caught up in the way other things look perfect and how lives are portrayed through social media. That was me yesterday. I didn’t feel like I was in the right direction because things weren’t happening for me the way that I thought they should be. 

There are a couple other photographers that I look up to and get inspiration from and I see how great that they are doing and compare myself to them. But I have to stop and remember, “Lacie, they have been doing this for 5+ years even longer! Give it TIME!” 


That word makes me crazy lol I am someone who has little patience when it comes to me. I put hard expectations on myself and I get frustrated when I don’t meet them. But just like the business women that I look up to, they took the T I M E to grow and nurture their business and themselves. It didn’t happen overnight for them just like it won’t for me. 

So I say to you, if you are feeling like giving up and even if it’s not in a business sense but just on life in general. Things don’t happen how WE want them to. God has that plan for us and I’m telling you it happens in a better time, place, and roundabout way. I started to feel like he wasn’t hearing me anymore or my prayers. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Of course he hears me! In that moment i realized “It’s not your time yet. You still have growing to do and lessons to learn to become better for the opportunities he’s going to abundantly throw at you. “ 

Take a breath and let it go!!! As they say on frozen  (Too cheesy? Lol) Give yourself patience and grace. Like I’ve said before, learn in the silence. Keep working towards whatever goal it is that you have. Others didn’t get to where they are successfully by giving up. Even after trying and failing they still kept trying. You can’t succeed if you don’t try and learn from failing. 

Failing is a key part in growing. You learn to see things differently the next time around and it gives you a whole new perspective and set of eyes. So just keep trying. Don’t give up. It will happen.