A New Perspective In Savannah

Spring Is coming!

I decided to do some spring cleaning of my own. A fresh new start with white space. I felt a sensation of needing something bright and airy. I love the moody feel to images I've seen in other photographer's works and dabbled into it with some work of my own. But it wasn't feeling like "this is it!". 


This month of March I wanted to dive into reinventing my work. So I went back to the basics with a fresh and clear perspective. I stopped comparing my work to others and decided to create my own niche. Maybe this clear and new perspective will carry over into your life and with some things you'd like to look at differently! 


Savannah helped me to do that. I told myself to look at this beautiful city in a new light. Like a tourist in awe of the history and architecture. I went out (with a plan of course as usual) but, Savannah showed me some other sights not in my guide and it was exactly what I needed. I want to continue growing in my passion and share my findings with you guys and capture what you see in yours!

I want my social media content to be more intentional. I want it to live with more meaning and a story rather than just a pretty image. What is something in your life that you want to be more intentional about or reinvent?