At the Right Time


Little Fact About Me



Before I was a mother, a wife, a photographer, I was a massage therapist at The Mansion On Forsyth Park in their spa. The atmosphere made you feel like The Little Mermaid under water! (I also worked another job at a local gym.) Looking back now at this time in my life, I had no clue what would be next for me. But God knew exactly what he was doing when I prayed about getting the job to work here. 

He put the right coworkers into my life. Britany would become one of my closest friends. I met my husband while working at the local gym the same time I was working at The Mansion’s spa. That’s where Britany becomes vital to my life. 

You see my husband would soon be going off to bootcamp for 3 months. Then to 2 months more of training for his MOS. Then we would be moving across country to California. Britany was a military spouse herself. She answered every question I ever had about being the spouse of a service member. I had NO IDEA how I was going to move across country, away from my family, AND being pregnant at the time. But Britany gave me peace of mind. I will be forever grateful that God put her in my path and gave me “my redheaded twin” lol Anytime I pass this beautiful brick building it reminds me of really the beginning to a lifelong friendship, becoming a wife, and a mother and just in general, an adult. 


Just remember, events in our life that seem so little at the time and just part of your everyday routine, really could be a part of a greater scheme that you just haven’t come into yet. You’ll look back and realize. “Wow, if I hadn’t of gotten this job I would’ve never met these amazing people.” I wouldn’t of met my husband if I didn’t have the job at the gym. My husband worked with my best guy friend at the time across the street! And I wouldn’t have had Britany to get me through the next season of my life if I hadn’t of got the job at The Mansion.

When things are supposed to fall into place, they just will! At the right time, the right location, and the right people.