Baby Wyatt's Birth Story Part I


Baby Wyatt, you are already so loved. Did you know you have a big sister who is so excited to play with you? Your father can't wait to hold you in his arms. I'm sure he's dreamed of the days of having a son he can teach sports to and have a mini me of his own. Your mother has nurtured and cared for you for 8 months now. She's prepared a space for you to come home to and is so excited to meet you! Your parents have prayed for you and God chose them as your parents.


I can't wait to document your birth and see the joy on their faces when you arrive into this wonder filled world. Having a family is such a joyous blessing! You get to watch your little ones learn, play and grow. Just knowing that you are responsible for creating such a precious life is so magical in itself! Every child is a blessing.