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Usually introductions are done on Fridays for #fridayintroductions but rules are meant to be broken sometimes.  So here it goes! I am Lacie, lead photographer and owner of Southern Lens Photography and I wanted to pop in and say hello to you guys! I want to show my face on here a bit more so you guys can get to know me and who I am. God gave me a talent and I plan to use it and this platform to share it with all of you. With a camera in my hand, it just gives off this light in my soul and I can’t help but get excited EVERY TIME I have a session or wedding. You think I’m kidding when I say every time but I really mean EVERY TIME! I get so excited to race home and see it up on my computer screen and add the final touches to a client’s gallery. I love the interactions I get to have with you guys. I really am always open to hear from any of you and fill you in on any questions you may have with what I do and the types of sessions and packages I offer. Southern Lens has grown and changed since I started it 2 years ago and I always hope to grow and continue to offer you guys the best.

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