Bohemian Styled Birthday [Savannah, Ga Photographer]


Our little Rae-Rae is turning 2! I’m going through so many emotions about it. I still see her as that little baby I brought home from the hospital. Taking these photos sets in stone how much older she is now and how much she has grown by looking at these is just insane! She loves being in front of the camera and I’m so happy that she does. I always wonder if she’ll follow behind my footsteps in the wedding industry and maybe be a photographer like me, or a wedding planner, maybe even a floral designer! How much fun would that be to work with your own child in the same line of work. Whatever it is that she grows up to be, I pray she does it with her whole heart and has a passion for it. I can only pray for God to guide her little footsteps as she grows into the woman she’ll one day be. Stay little and wild my sweet girl.


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