C h a r l e s t o n


C h a r l e s t o n

South Carolina 

Charleston is so M A G I C A L ! There is something beautiful down every street, corner and alley way. It was absolutely picture perfect. One day just wasn't enough time to enjoy it all. Our first stop was at Pearlz Oyster Bar. Their fish in their fish and chips platter was HUGE! I kept gawking at the beautiful subway tile on the walls since that's what we are wanting to do in our kitchen. From there we walked down Meeting St. and into Rainbow Row. 


This was what I was looking forward to the whole trip! The colors were so vibrant and it brought the whole street to life. I couldn't resist taking a picture of every building along the way.  From here we strolled on over to King St. where they had blocked off the entire street for their Second Sunday event. We didn't know that they held this event so we got lucky picking this day to visit! 


There were musicians EVERYWHERE! To say my husband had a fan girl moment when he saw an a cappella group in person would be an understatement. How lucky were we to come the same day The Charleston Vibes would be performing! Riley Rae sure enjoyed dancing to them. There were also some other very talented individuals there that day.

We walked around marveling at the architecture around every corner and then took a drive to Sullivan's Beach. It was pretty windy and chilly so we couldn't stay for very long. I wish Charleston wasn't 2 hours away from home or we would be here probably every weekend! All I could picture in my head when I saw this balcony was something out of The Great Gatsby when he would have his lavish parties. I just stopped and stared and had to take it all in. Every detail was just so beautiful! We will most definitely be visiting again.