Here's Your Sign


Be the girl who decided to go for it!

If you have a passion or a dream GO AFTER IT! There's no more sitting around waiting for all the answers. Here's your sign. (Did anyone else read that in Jeff Foxworthy's voice?) You can't make things happen by being lazy. You can't expect to sit on the couch and say to the universe "Ok, I'm ready now! Let all the good things happen." You have to M A K E  your dreams happen. There aren't handouts in life. You get what you put in. You reap what you sow. 

Events will begin to take place in your life once you put in the effort. Don't let your gifts and talents lie dormant. Try new things to develop your talents! We tend to get comfortable in the same routines and we end up with the same results. Venture out of your comfort zone and expand your gift! Don't strive for good enough. Try blowing your goals out of the water! Exceed expectations of yourself and reach for more! Love yourself enough to invest in yourself.

What are the steps that you're taking to reach your full potential?