Joe & Alexis ~October 27, 2018~


Joe and Alexis celebrated their wedding day on October 27,2018. Their story started a few years ago when they met each other through Facebook! They begin to message each other daily back and forth and went on their first date to Mellow Mushroom. Neither of them expected to fall for each other because neither of them were really wanting a relationship at the time. That’s the funny thing. Everything will happen how it’s supposed to in its own time whether you expect it, plan it, or not. Those are the best times of your life is when something, or in their case, someone comes along that you weren't expecting.


The days go on and hunting season comes around. Joe is a die hard hunter. A’lexis made the cut and kept Joe around through a few years worth of hunting seasons. September 3, 2017 comes around and Joe pops the big question! He had brought one of A’lexis dreams (literally) to life! Joe had gathered everyone around that she had saw in one of her dreams and he made her believe they were celebrating a birthday party for her father, who at the time was also about to deploy. As they were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ everyone starts to pull out their phones and that’s when Joe got down on one knee and asked A’lexis to marry him!


A’lexis said when others ask “How’s married life?” , she always responds to everyone “It is fun! I know for sure our future will be nothing but adventurous and I cannot wait!” She says everyday they are smiling and laughing and bringing up old funny memories as if they had just happened. That’s the best part about being married. You always have your best friend there with you to share all of these amazing memories with! They are there when things can totally suck and they are there when everything is at it’s peak and you can’t think of how it can get any better than this!

I wish you both so much happiness together. You have both found your best friend in one another. Continue to look at marriage as a never ending amazing adventure together. You’ll never go wrong.


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