Lightsabers & Magical Savannah Squares [Savannah, Ga Photographer]

When your couple comes to you and says, “We have lightsabers in the car…” OF COURSE you go get them and play around!!


David had a whole surprise set up for his fiance’ Ashley. He planned the day down to the last detail from sending Ashley to having a day of pampering getting her hair and makeup done by Sarah Lord, Lady Lord of Hair, at Hustle and Blow Dry Bar to choosing which locations to capture their weekend here in Savannah, GA at! He was a man with a plan. We started their day in Forsyth Park among the beautiful oak trees and when visiting Savannah you HAVE to have your picture taken with the fountain. It’s a must when playing tourist!


David and Ashley took a stroll a night before their session where he stumbled upon a beautiful ivory covered staircase and what would you know, the number to this residence was 23 and that is my lucky number! What a coincidence that was or was it that Savannah magic? On our way to this beautiful staircase we visited Monterey Square as well as Calhoun Square. Both are so stunning. On the walk to Calhoun square we made another stop at the stunning Wesley Monumental Church. The peaks to the steeple are just breath taking.


When you’re with Southern Lens Photography for your session you might also just be forced to enjoy an ice-cream cone but there weren’t any nay-sayers! We also got a gorgeous view of the river and may have done some balancing on the trolley tracks. Did you know these 2 met working in the FSU Circus?! How neat is that!

I’d say it was a perfect day!


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