Mommy & Me Session in Savannah | Savannah, Ga Photographer

"You blink and they are 8. Then 28. And then they are parents, resembling the you you once were. So take it in, mama. Let them climb into bed with you any hour of the night. Sing that song they requested for the tenth time. Hold them a little tighter when all they want is to hug on you-feel that small body against your own. Maybe in raising children you lose your mind a little bit. But boy, do you find your soul! Embrace the exhaustion. The hard days. The overwhelming. And all of the joy."

As a mother myself, I can understand the importance of having memories like this photographed. Children grow up way too fast. We spend all this time helping them grow and learn and teaching them what they should be doing next that we sometimes can forget to just soak them in and all their littleness. They are only this little once. As cliche as that is there is so much truth to it. Let that little one sit in your lap just a little bit longer. Let them explore and create and have fun!

That’s exactly what we did with Hannah’s mommy & me session. We just had fun. Hannah & Ansley just spent time together being them. They played, smelled the flowers, and gave lots and lots of snuggles! It’s the little moments that matter the most.


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