Monday Mantra #1


Hello. Hello.

If you follow me on my social media accounts Instagram and Facebook then you have noticed on Monday’s I share #MondayMantras. It’s a weekly post I created for you guys on a Monday to give you something to think on during the week and to put a little more pep in your step. We all know Mondays are always dreaded after the weekend. I felt led to share with you whether it be a bible verse, a Pinterest inspired quote or even a song lyric, and if that helps someone even the slightest bit in changing their tune for the week and chase the light instead of feeling gloomy then I want to help! 


So I thought hey, why not turn it into a weekly blog post series as well! Every Monday I will share with you a new #MondayMantra and give you guys a little something to read on with it. They won’t always be this long spelled out novel but can also be a short snippet just to give you a boost. I hope it can become a part of your morning routine on Mondays to take just a few minutes to yourself and get your thoughts in a mindful space for the week ahead. Snuggle back Into the covers for just a few more minutes before your alarm for work goes off and get a dose of light for your week. 


Today’s Monday Mantra is


Chase the light, whatever and wherever it may be for you. Chase it. -Tyler Knott Gregson.


What is it that you spend your free time thinking on that gives you those butterflies and happy energy? Focus on those things. To many of us are stuck on the dark details of life when you should be driving that out with the light you have in yours. Shift your thoughts this morning and tell yourself that today WILL be a good day. If your mind begins to waiver into a negative space, keep yourself accountable noticing when it happens and putting your thoughts back into a hopeful space. We all have bad things happen sometimes but that doesn’t make this a bad life. Bad moments are going to happen. It’s a part of life. Sometimes without those moments we wouldn’t notice the light around us. Keep noticing the light. Stay thankful for it. Keep on keeping on and know that tomorrow is a NEW and exciting chance to make great things happen and have great things happen for you.