Throw Perfection in the Trash

I'm staring at a blank screen waiting for the words to write themselves through the static going on in my head. But instead, I'm playing with a piece of plastic avoiding the obvious of what needs to get done. Which is write this blog! Now my hand is reaching for the phone, scrolling through social media platforms waiting for some type of inspiration to strike. You can strike at any time now….They can’t wait forever for me to write something worth reading. It has to be perfect! I want it to capture your attention while being witty and sprinkled with a little humor. Then I think, did I just say it had to be perfect?

I’ve been doing all the creative outlet type things I should be doing to try to write something and give you perfection! But you know what, I’m going to throw perfection in the trash. Perfection just isn’t real life. Everyone likes the beautiful pictures displayed on social media. We show our “perfect” families and outings and vacations. We do have perfect days sometimes. But if we’re all being honest here, not everyday is perfect. 

And I mine as well say it and let all of you know,  I'm not perfect! And the world came crashing down. Not really, but that's how it feels sometimes. If I don’t show this perfect appearance, perfect business, perfect family, that the world around me will dissolve into a puddle of all my messes. I’ve slacked at writing this blog post for 20 days. I haven’t put makeup on or fixed my hair just right with loose curls in about 5 days straight now. I can’t seem to figure out the sorcery on how to keep my children’s toys from exploding all over our living room floor. (On another real note, clutter and mess really do irk my nerves. Is irk still a real word? ) I don't even make it out of my pajamas some days. ( Geez Lacie, you’re sounding like a basket case over here.)  There are a list of things I could go on about in my head that I have to do or keep up with to feel like I'm in the running with perfection. 




It’s so exhausting though to try and be perfect ALL THE TIME. Can we all just agree that it’s ok for us to not be perfect? You don’t always have to have it all together. I’m giving you the “ok” to stop being perfect. You can cuddle up in your bed in your pj’s at 1 o’clock in the afternoon if it means you’re taking care of yourself. Give yourselves a break! Step back and absorb all the good things going on around you. Don’t attack yourself for not seeming perfect all the time because honey I know, we are all in no way shape or form perfect. So throw perfection in the trash and replace it with PROGRESS! 

If you are making positive progress in your life with whatever it is that you are doing or goals that you have, then that should be your idea of perfection. If you checked off one item on your to do list today, then that is progress. If you’re continually striving to make better in your life, then that’s progress. 

I hope you can take something helpful from my ramblings today. Thank you to all of my followers and readers for sticking with me through all of my imperfections.