What To Expect During Our Photoshoot Together!

If you’re reading this then you may have a few questions about a session with me! Let me tell you this, we get to have FUN for an entire hour!! You don’t have to feel stiff and posed to get great family photos. Crazy right? Not everyone has to be perfect. In fact, the ones that you and your family are interacting and cracking a joke in are THE BEST images to have! Your session shouldn’t feel awkward and you definitely shouldn’t be nervous having me shoot you. (Ha, photography jokes!)

Location: Tybee Island, Ga

I want you and your family to have an experience. I don’t want this to be just any other day. Today was memorable in and of itself because it was about 40° and supposed to storm! Luckily we beat the storm and had a perfect overcast sky which gave us this beautifully filtered light. (Also as I parked to meet my family, I almost couldn’t get my keys out of the car and thought I was going to be stuck trying to wiggle them out forever ha!)

I’m there to capture the essence of who you and your family are. If the kids are being silly together, I want to capture that. While you and your love are standing cuddled together just naturally hand in hand, that’s the moments I want. They aren’t forced and it just brings forth a natural emotion that you can see and feel in your image. Of course I will be there to help guide you into moments while also letting them unfold naturally. If we need to have a dance party to shake out the nerves we will!


With your one hour session, and in between dance party moment, you get access to your images via an online gallery. You receive a minimum of 20 images but come on, with us having this much fun there are bound to be more! One of the best parts too is the access you get to a professional print lab that’s connected to your gallery. You have multiple selections and print sizes to choose from. You can also download your images straight from your gallery as well as share your gallery to social media.

If you have any more questions about a session with me my email is always open! Drop me a comment below or email me through the Inquiry tab above. I’d love to have you on my books!

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