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Yay and congratulations to all of you who have recently gotten engaged! You have found your forever in another person and that is so exciting. Lots of us girls have dreamed about their wedding day since we were little. We’ve had it all planned out to every last detail of what our dress will look like to what flavor cake we can’t wait to smash in our new hubby’s face! haha (Isn’t that the best part of the cake on our wedding day?)

Details: Photo taken while assisting with Apt. B Photography  Photographer: Southern Lens Photography

Details: Photo taken while assisting with Apt. B Photography

Photographer: Southern Lens Photography

Now that you’ve got the ring let the wedding planning commence! Your head is probably taking you a million directions trying to figure out where to even start which is fine! Most newly engaged couples haven’t been married before so really how are you supposed to know what all goes in to planning a wedding, right? It’s all new and exciting territory!

I’m here to help you get started in your wedding planning process and giving you your next 4 steps after getting engaged!

Step #1: Pick a wedding date. You can’t start any of your wedding plans without first setting your date. Think of what season you’d like be married in and how that weather could effect your day. Your venue, and photographer/videographer all need an exact date to get started in booking your wedding. These should be your TOP priority! (Booking and budget wise!) Your venue and your photographer/videographer (typically) do not book mulitple 8 hour weddings on one date. This leads us into step 2!

Step #2: Set a budget. Your venue, photographer/videographer, and decor will be your greatest investments in your wedding. Take into consideration your surroundings when booking your venue and how much light it lets in. (This is the photographer’s brain talking. A lot of natural light could help your photographer/videographer tremendously in the outcome of your images. ) A typical venue budget in Savannah, Ga is anywhere from $2000-$6000.

When you are budgeting for your photographer you aren’t just paying for beautiful images. You are investing in someone who knows the industry and cares about YOUR wedding. They are there to capture candid and in the moment magic that is happening around you that you don’t always see. Photographers also spend hours and hours editing your images long after your wedding day is over. Our jobs extend weeks past that special day. We take special care in our jobs in making sure that we capture your entire day and the meaning it has for you. We are story tellers without a pen and paper but with a camera. You don’t want to skimp out on your budget for photographers and videographers. A Savannah, Ga wedding photographer can range from $2500-$5000 and your videographer starts at $2000. (These are both separate investments unless they offer packages including both.)

Your decor is what is going to make that impact and show a story of what you and your love are all about. It should show pieces of both your styles. A wedding planner is wonderful to hire for this part of your day! It takes the stress off of you and they will be there the day of your wedding to insure that everything goes as planned. Some wedding planners are also event coordinators and will set up and help you piece together what your details of your wedding will be from tables capes to color choices and florals.

Step #3: Book your photographer/videographer. As soon as you have your date set and put a budget together your next top priority is to book your photographer and videographer! I can not stress this enough. Photographers/videographers book up at least 1 year in advance on their calendars and sometimes 2 years out! Typically your photographer and videographer book 8-12 hour weddings. They can not photograph multiple 8-12 hour weddings in a day. It’s just physically impossible. So once they have a date booked it is locked in! You don’t want to wait too late to book your photographer/videographer and miss out on having your #1 pick of choice booked. I’ve had several couples who waited until a couple of months before their wedding date and I sadly could not photograph their wedding because I was already booked. Definitely book your photographer and videographer in the first month of planning!

Step #4: Book your venue. Venues are booked just as quickly as photographers and videographers. They also can book out a year in advance or if its a very popular venue sometimes they can be booked out 2 years in advance! You should choose your venue together and decide if this feels like magic. Also when meeting with a venue ask what all is included in your booking. Some venues offer packages that add in tables, chairs, table cloths and china. Some either offer special pricing for weekday weddings vs weekend weddings. This will also be great information to let your wedding planner/ event coordinator know as to what they will be needing to set up for your wedding.

There are a few more steps when you start planning your wedding but don’t stress! It really isn’t all about the decor or the best dress. It’s about two people in love coming together as one and creating a life together that can last forever. If a big wedding isn’t your thing then an elopement in Savannah, Ga is the thing for you! There is so much beautiful scenery and architecture around every corner. And all you need is your beau, a dress , officiant and a photographer to capture it all! All in all decide what you two want as a couple. I hope you all found this blog useful and it helped ease any stress that you may have about the process. If you have any questions or just want more information about what all goes into planning a wedding feel free to leave any comments below or you can email me through the inquiry tab above!

Happy planning love birds!



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